Specialists in head injury case management, rehabilitation and challenging behaviour

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Stavian, 8 The Westbury Centre, Westbury Road, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 4LY

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  • Stavian was formed by experienced senior clinicians with the aim of providing high quality community rehabilitation for people with a head injury.

  • Successful head injury rehabilitation should usually take place in a person’s everyday environment so that it is relevant to their everyday life.

  • We aim to improve quality of life, rather than just manage problems and minimise risks.

  • We use an interdisciplinary team to facilitate people's rehabilitation.

  • We employ staff with the highest level of skills to support people in the most enabling manner.

  • We help people with head injuries live as independently as possible in their own home; we help people to live interesting and self-determined lifestyles.

  • We provide people with the tools that help them to optimise their ability and live their life the way they want to as far as possible, despite their impairments.

  • Rehabilitation takes place in the person’s everyday environment and is relevant to their everyday life.

  • We provide focused, value for money services that are reliable and responsive to each person’s needs and preferences.

  • We have a team of head injury rehabilitation specialists including a Neuropsychiatrist, Neuropsychologist, Psychological Therapist, Nurse Consultant, Speech and Language Therapist and Personal Assistants.  

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Experienced clinicians providing high quality community rehabilitation for people with head injuries

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