Specialists in head injury case management, rehabilitation and challenging behaviour

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Stavian, 8 The Westbury Centre, Westbury Road, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 4LY

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Learning Disability and / or Autism

Traditionally packages of support have tended to be provided as a single service. They do not distinguish between the different parts that make them up and are delivered by a single team. More often than not the ‘care’ and the ‘building’ are owned and run by the same company. These types of service have been termed ‘24/7 bundled’ packages of support.


Stavian specialises in developing and delivering supported lifestyle services for people with a learning disability and / or autism and challenging behaviour. Many of the current models of support are not financially sustainable nor are they successful in helping people to:

  • Develop a network of family, friends and acquaintances

  • Develop and sustain valued social roles


Stavian provides personalised support via individualised budgets and direct payments, to people who are tenants in their own homes. Stavian have no secondary company that provides social housing and rely on partnerships with independent housing providers. Stavian promotes the idea of  having optimum levels of support by making the most of personal development, communities, families, technology and imaginative solutions to reduce the use of 'over support'.


Our niche is providing personalised supported living services for people deemed to have challenging behaviour. Stavian have the skills and experience to move away from traditional packages of 'care' to a menu of options which can be used to address individual short, medium and long-term requirements.

Our Values:

  • Least Restrictive - each person's support is provided in the least controlling or least limiting ways possible.

  • Enabling - support and surroundings that help people develop and maintain their preferred lifestyle.

  • Interdisciplinary - the right group of people share responsibility for a united circle of support around each person.

  • Collaboration - working jointly with all stakeholders to improve each person's welfare.

  • Outcome Focused - having the right things happen for each person and defining them as improvements in lifestyle.

  • Capable Workforce - recognising that the workforce is a valuable asset by developing highly skilled staff.

  • Enhancement - maximising each person's independence and minimising disability.

  • Autonomy - Helping people determine their own actions and behaviour to develop and advance in life.

  • Prudent Risks - supporting people to take reasonable risks so they can live life to the full.

  • Best Interests - support that is always the most advantageous for each person.

  • Person Centred - planning and doing the right things for each person and with each person.


Supported Living Services - "maximising autonomy; minimising dependence; improving quality of life".