Specialists in head injury case management, rehabilitation and challenging behaviour

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Stavian, 8 The Westbury Centre, Westbury Road, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 4LY

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Case Management

Our Case Management provides a constant point of contact for people with head inuries who require a complex range of services and / or require intensive levels of support either an ongoing, short-term or episodic basis. Stavian's Case Management works with, and for, the individual by enhancing their independence and control.


We ensure:

  • A single point of contact where Case Manager is the 'go to' person.

  • Approaches which acknowledge that every individual with a head injury has strengths and Case Management facilitates the personal development of individuals.

  • Collaborative working to ensure the best possible result for each person.

  • Individualised and goal focussed support which ensures each person receives the appropriate level and type of support according to their needs, culture, and budget restraints.

  • Continuity of care and support across time and boundaries in order to meet individual needs.

  • Boundary-spanning whereby Case Managers draw upon all available resources, both informal and formal to provide support in the most cost effective manner.

  • Culturally appropriate responses ensuring diversity is respected.

  • Creativity by Case Managers to find innovative ways to meet need.

  • Empowerment of people being supported, through the provision of information, to manage their affairs whenever possible.

  • Confidentiality  at all times in accordance with legislative requirements and programme standards.


We take responsibility for providing clinical input and all Personal Assistants. The reasons for this include:

  • Progress is best made in everyday contexts and relies heavily on good interpersonal relationships. In our opinion the main input of therapists should be to educate and support those directly working with people rather than to intervene directly with them.

  • Personal Assistants need a high level of training and ongoing supervision from the Cae Manager and Therapists.

  • Personal Assistants should only support an individual if they have demonstrated the skill and competency to provide the appropriate support for that person and if the person they are supporting is prepared to accept their support.

  • We provide the fewest number of support staff with the highest level of skills, to ensure least restrictive support with optimum effect.

  • Depending on life choices at any given time, people with head injuries often require different Personal Assistants with different skills and competencies to support particular activities, interests and vocations. We employ Personal Assistants with a specific skill or trade and then therapists and other professionals provide the necessary knowledge and guidance around issues of head injury. This has a subsequent effect on costs as it moves away from the uniform costs of PAs under a ‘caring’ model.


"Great things are achieved by a series of small things brought together"

Personal Assistants: