Specialists in head injury case management, rehabilitation and challenging behaviour

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Stavian, 8 The Westbury Centre, Westbury Road, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 4LY

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Training and Consultancy:

Stavian has been formed by professional practitioners from different health and social care backgrounds. They have a combined knowledge and expertise that provides a unique range of skills with an established record of success in both the public and private sectors. Stavian's training and consultancy offers expert professional advice across the fields of head injury, young people, autism and learning disability and particularly where people experience challenging behaviour.


We support improvements and enhanced performance by re-establishing high reliability services. High reliability services are those that do a difficult job well with fewer than their 'fare share' of problems.


We cntinue to help services achieve the following outcomes:

  • Improvements in quality of life for both people receiving services and people delivering services

  • Reductions in challenging behaviour

  • Generalisation of positive changes across people and places

  • Maintenance of positive changes over time

  • Absence of any negative side effects from the changes made


Stavian specialises in helping services develop self-managed teams where:

  • Everyone knows what needs to be done

  • Everyone has the skills and abilities to do those things that need to be done

  • There are no barriers to prevent those things being done

  • Everyone is working well together to get those things done

We offer a comprehensive range of training and development workshops which can run over one to five days. These are often best 'tailor made' to meet the needs of specific services or to achieve specific learning outcomes. We have an extensive range of training workbooks which can be used to accompany our workshops and consultancy. They can be completed in accordance with our training workshops or can be used as distance learning tools. Our training covers:

  • Head Injury and particulalrly issues of emotional and behavioural regulation.

  • Challenging Behaviour - using applied behaviour analysis and PBIS to reduce challenging behaviour

  • Understanding autistic spectrum conditions

  • Communication frameworks and communication environments for people with speech and language deficits.

  • Young People with emotional and behavioural disorders

  • Mental Health in head injury, young people, autism and learning disability

  • Risk Assessment - applying the principles of proactive risk management


"training and consultancy which provides increased practitioner competence and re-establishes high reliability services"